Primacom Medical Charity on Kampung Melayu, Teluk Naga – Tangerang 2018

Tangerang, November 29th, 2018 – Primacom-Rintis Peduli Kesehatan Program in Kampung Melayu was welcomed with high enthusiasm. This program was executed by Primacom together with Rintis as a form of the company’s concern on public health.

Considering the different needs by each individuals, Primacom provided general check up and dental care services so that the participants may choose one of the two according to their needs. This service was free, provided by Primacom in collaboration with Yayasan Kirbat Kasih Indonesia (YKKI). Primacom provided medications and basic foods to all participants of the health care program.

“We hope with this health care program, the health quality of citizen will be increasing.” – Achmad Muchlis, Assistant Head of Primacom – Rintis HR Department.

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